Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dila Hanim

Turkish TV Series | Original name of the Dila Hanim: Dila Hanım | 2012 | Drama | IMDB Ranking : - | Tv Channel : StarTv
Dila Hanim is a Turkish Tv series which is adapted to Today from Dila Hanim cinema film(1977). Dila Hanim is the main character of film it is acting by Hatice Sendil.
Story: During the exchange of land as a result of a dispute the two individuals in the family dies. Dila hanim was abroad in that time. After dies, She comes to her village. And She meet with Riza Bey and may be she fall in love to him. But She does not know yet, Riza bey is the killer of her husband.
Watch the trailer of Dila Hanim

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