Friday, December 7, 2012

Yalan Dunya

Turkish TV Series | Original name of the Yalan Dunya: Yalan Dünya | 2012 | Sitcom | IMDB Ranking: 8.2 | Tv Channel: KanalD

Yalan Dunya is the admirable and funny Turkish soap opera. It is written by Gulse Birsel. Yalan Dunya, condemned to live side by side in Cihangir, Istanbul. It is  funny stories of two families from all walks of life. Entry into the series broadcast in the evening, Kanal D, Turkey for the first time, Twitter users display a certain label (hashtagle) led, from the comments (# yalandunya) on the router label was entered.
In addition in this sitcom, Famous Turkish comedian; Beyaz act with his real character.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dila Hanim

Turkish TV Series | Original name of the Dila Hanim: Dila Hanım | 2012 | Drama | IMDB Ranking : - | Tv Channel : StarTv
Dila Hanim is a Turkish Tv series which is adapted to Today from Dila Hanim cinema film(1977). Dila Hanim is the main character of film it is acting by Hatice Sendil.
Story: During the exchange of land as a result of a dispute the two individuals in the family dies. Dila hanim was abroad in that time. After dies, She comes to her village. And She meet with Riza Bey and may be she fall in love to him. But She does not know yet, Riza bey is the killer of her husband.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tatli Hayat

Turkish TV Series | Original name of The Sweet Life: Tatlı Hayat | 2001/2004 | Comedy | IMDB Ranking: 8.8
"The Sweet Life", US-made sitcom series "The Jeffersons" version of the Turkey. CBS comedy series shown in the U.S. between 1975-1985, during the season 11 episode 253 minutes in 22-24'er published. "The Jeffersons" Isabel Sanford and Sherman Hemsley assumed the starring black actors. Unlike the original version, players Turkish adaptation consisted of mainly black people. Already "The Jeffersons" black players, mainly including series of arrays record of being the longest-lasting of the American release date has been obtained.
"The Sweet Life" during the adaptation of deviations from the original format has not been too much. Istanbul Turkish characters are forced to go through the conversion of black characters and subjects outside the main theme of the chapter topics, places, camera movements, shooting technique, the behaviors of the characters positions in society, personality conflicts, etc. has remained almost exactly the same. Already "Sweet Life" at the end of every part of the generic writings which flows the original "The Jeffersons" and related information that are part of the adaptation. One of the minor differences between the two series of "The Jeffersons" or "black-and-white 'conflict based on the jokes," The Sweet Life "ta' Turkish-Greek '(Neco'nun portrayal of the character George is a Turkish citizen of Greek origin) is built on conflict.
Watch a part of Turkish Tv Serie "Tatli Hayat"

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Agir Roman Yeni Dunya

Turkish TV Series | Original name of Agir Roman Yeni Dunya: Ağır Roman Yeni Dünya | 2012 | Love, Drama | IMDB Ranking: -
Agir Roman Yeni Dunya is a new (2012) tv series in Turkey. Based on the book of Cholera Street. There was a film about book of Cholera Steet who is written by Metin Kacan. Cholera Street has 7.5 imdb point actually it has more than point. Because of the film tell back street of Istanbul and it is heavy drama.
Agir Roman Yeni Dunya adapted to the present day. In the story, the main character Salih who is son in the film of Cholera Street was prison. Ends prison sentence and Salih come back to Cholera Street. When the haunting the neighborhood. He decides to be Robin Hood his district and punish the mans who they are in his districts.
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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Turkish TV Series | Original name of Charlie: Çarli | 1999 | Comedy | IMDB Ranking : -
TV Series a monkey to human life in the United States ranging from ultra-rich uncles to him about a family. Then the monkey-he has a name-Charlie, her boyfriend's family, even if the neighbor's daughter Cilvenaz love Charlie. Charlie, to help work at home, coffee shop, and went to play poker and  adapt to any environment; is a great ape. Charlie has heritage and where Charlie is happy, people can use heritage who is live with Charlie. With all of the host against retired firefighter fed to domestic animals to hide her feelings for Charlie's labors at a time.
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cocuklar Duymasin

The original name of turkish serie Çocuklar Duymasın meaning Children must not be hearing , the Turkish family comedy television series. In this soap opera, can not stand each other, separation, husband and wife and their spouses who married into a family of two children which makes it mandatory to remain friends, their relationship to each other and discussed.
There are 4 main character who they are family. Tamer Karadagli who is acting the role of Father is traditionalist and Pinar Altug who is acting the role of Mummy is modern for this reason they always discuss in a funny way. And their children Duygu and Havuc reconciles again with a funny way.
Here the video watch Cocuklar Duymasin tv series song in English.

Deli Yurek

Turkish TV Series | Original name of Deli Yurek : Deli Yürek | 1999 | Adventure | IMDB Ranking : 7.9
Crazy Heart which is the original name's Deli Yürek, the television series directed by Osman Sinav. On Turkish television channel Show TV, starting October 5th 1998. It is tipe of ; action, drama, and political series. Last season, the 4th Sinegraf season, agreed with the ATV for the publication of the directory. Continued until June 24, 2002, including four seasons and there are  total of 113 parts. In addition for this tv-series there is a cinema film which is Deli Yürek: Bumerang Cehennemi.
In plot part; main character Miroglu goes to Diyarbakir for his friend's wedding with his fiancee. While wedding speech, somebody kills groom. Then old soldier Miroglu pursues the murderer for bring Diyarbakir to justice.
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